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Come and shop with us, where you will find professional medical face shields for doctors and dentists, liquids and gels with racks and Nanomax professional cleaning products for your home, business, and car, as well as many other products of which we are manufacturers or official distributors.

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Sale of plastics

An important branch of our activity is the sale of plastics. The plastics we offer are characterised by the highest quality and durability.

The production process, based on the most modern technologies, controlled and improved at every stage, determines the class of the final product.

Therefore, we pay special attention to the selection of producers of plastics, so you can be sure that products purchased from us meet 100% of your expectations. The plastics we offer find a wide range of applications in many industries, starting with the construction and architectural industry, through the industry and food industry, ending with cosmetology. Below we present the most common applications of some plastics.

In our offer you will find: