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We work with companies and businesses in a wide variety of sectors, performing specialised services for them as well as supplying a wide range of products.

Plastics are such a flexible and multifunctional material that they are used in virtually every area of our lives, some of which cannot even do without products made from this material.

Our displays, stands and racks are successfully used in many of the largest retail chains, markets and petrol stations in Poland and abroad, helping to display the products placed on them as effectively as possible.

The composite and filling stands as well as the safe Plexiglas dental mirrors produced by our company can be seen in most dental practices, where they are extremely popular.

Another group of products we offer are serial parts, covers and seals, which are part of thousands of machines and equipment all over the world.

The quality and durability of our products means that they are used not only in the domestic market but also abroad, where the number of clients satisfied with our products is constantly growing.

We serve industries such as: