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We have expertise in CAD design of plastic parts and other materials, backed by many years of experience.

Every project starts with an idea developed in the mind of our client. Our role is to visualise it as accurately as possible, starting with a sketch, to the creation of a digital mock-up, to the creation of a prototype. At this stage, we analyse the future product in terms of its functioning, we select the most suitable materials and estimate the costs of making the product.

Design is a uniquely creative stage of work, during which we draw on the enormous knowledge and experience of our qualified specialists, while at the same time relying on all the suggestions and guidelines of our clients in order to not only meet their expectations, but even exceed them.

We use state-of-the-art solutions during the design process, which allows us to create excellent quality visualisations, animations or dynamic simulations. Through the use of CAD (computer aided design), we are able to optimize the manufacture process to the maximum. We reduce process times and increase productivity. One of the effects of using CAD is a significant reduction in manufacture costs, which is particularly appreciated by our clients.

Reverse engineering

We also have extensive experience in the manufacture of components based on client-supplied finished parts.

We start the reverse engineering process by digitising the initial product to be replicated, preserving all the details and taking into account the material properties of the original. Based on this information, we prepare the actual design of the product so that we can make any number of secondary components.