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Everything for your health, safety, protection and the care of your business and home

Come and shop with us, where you will find professional medical face shields for doctors and dentists, liquids and gels with racks and Nanomax professional cleaning products for your home, business, and car, as well as many other products of which we are manufacturers or official distributors.

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Statues and sports medals

Our offer is complemented by the production of plastic statuettes.

The more complex the project the greater the challenge for our specialists. We produce statuettes and sports medals using some of the most modern machines for processing plastic and wood-based materials.

Our experienced specialists, who are highly qualified, work with a variety of materials and know how to program precise, meticulous cutting that results in the desired shape with perfectly smooth edges and surface.

A statuette designed by the client and made by our specialists will be an extremely artistic work of art in itself.