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Everything for your health, safety, protection and the care of your business and home

Come and shop with us, where you will find professional medical face shields for doctors and dentists, liquids and gels with racks and Nanomax professional cleaning products for your home, business, and car, as well as many other products of which we are manufacturers or official distributors.

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CNC machining

CNC milling machine

One of the most advanced machines in our company is a CNC milling plotter, commonly known as a CNC milling machine.

Our milling machine is equipped with various types of heads and units for specific applications and a number of different tools.

In order to ensure stable and accurate machining, the machine has a raster vacuum assembly table and a top-quality Bush vacuum pump for industrial use.

Depending on demand, we can process all types of plastics, including plexiglass (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), PVC, dibond, polypropylene and polyethylene composite panels, POM, furniture boards, plywood and HPL.

We cut and mill finished parts such as gaskets, covers and parts for machinery and equipment, machine housings, filler foams. And all this with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.